The Blog

Posted on 7/12/2020

Hello, all. My name is Corey. I am a runner and a software developer for Real Time Solutions living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm currently working on all COVID-related software projects for New Mexico -- testing, vaccinations, dashboards, you name it.

I decided a few days ago that I would start a blog, to try out design patterns and AWS services, and to write about things that interest me.

Last night, I spent about three hours building the most basic blog that I possibly could. It's got two pages right now--the "admin" section, where I can type things into a text box, and a home page, where the things I type into the text box appear. That's all it does. It's an MVP in the most literal sense of the initialism, but I wanted to get something up and running quickly so I could start using it before any of my enthusiasm fades.

The blog is meant to be iterative. I plan on adding the basics like pagination, page for viewing a single posts, tags, searching, and then far beyond that. I have a pretty good idea in my mind of what a "blog" should be, so I can work towards that. I don't have a client to worry about; I can build whatever I like however I wish, at my own pace.

I'll write about the blog itself and all of the development that goes into it, but I enjoy a lot of other things, too: running, food, music, video games, coffee (that list sounds so boring) and I'd like to write about all of those, too.

The first thing I'm going to add to this is the ability to upload images along with blog posts. A few friends and I cooked a wagyu steak this evening, but I don't know that words really do the experience justice--really, nothing short of trying it yourself will convey the feeling, but a few pictures might help a little.

Expect that soon, but until then, welcome to the blog!